Welcome to the Resilient Floor Covering Pension Fund Website

 The Pension Plan for the Resilient Floor Covering Pension Fund was adopted in 1958 to provide participating employees with a comprehensive retirement program.  The Pension Plan was revised in its entirety effective June 1, 1976 to comply with ERISA and was subsequently revised several times.

 Learn More About Your Pension Benefits


The Trustees urge you to use this website to obtain valuable information regarding the features of the plan, qualifications for benefits, and how benefits are calculated.
After completing a self-registration and account activation process, you can also access your personal benefit information in the Participant Portal from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Electronic Change of Address


Within the Participant Portal, you can submit a change of address securely online.  When you use this service, the system updates your records in real-time.

Pension Plan Searching for Former Participants

Sometimes participants don’t apply for their pension benefits at retirement.
If you know someone who used to work in the industry, is over age 65 and is not receiving a pension payment, have them contact the Trust Fund Office to determine if they are eligible for a pension benefit.

Pension Benefit Recipients

Benefit recipients may view, download, and print their Form 1099-R tax documents through the Participant Portal 2.

New Form W-4P for Federal Withholding Tax

The Federal Tax Withholding Form W-4P has been changed by the IRS effective January 1, 2023, due to the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.  The IRS Form W4-P is used to determine the amount of federal income tax withholding on monthly pension benefits from this plan.
Pension recipients are not required to do anything.  However,  you may want to consult with your tax advisor about your withholding and if needed, complete an updated W-4P form.
Your decision on withholding is an important one.  The Trust Fund Office cannot provide tax advice. Your tax advisor is your best source for tax guidance.